Tray Pacer System
Sterile Processing
Surgical Tray Assembly Software

We are not a tray tracking company

We facilitate surgical tray assembly and integrate with tray tracking

Problem: It is too expensive to train a new SPD technician and it takes too long (3-6 months)

Solution: Subscribe to our software application, TrayTech 1.0 (Inexpensive. We will work within your budget)

Consequences of not subscribing to our software application: You will continue to waste time and money

Successes with our application

· Your entry level techs will start assembling uncomplicated surgical trays on day 1

· With each tray assembled, proficiency and productivity metrics are automatically saved

· You will have demonstrated initiative and leadership skills to your supervisor

Here is what you need to do:

· Watch our demo video. Our PowerPoint is also informative if you have the time.

· Email us at or call us at 307-262-7904

· Our team will answer your questions and when you are ready we will inventory all your surgical instruments and trays, take high definition photos of the instruments, and train you and your techs on how to use our application.

It's that simple.  We care about your problem and want to help you without overcharging like other companies.  Our CEO is a surgeon who works with an SPD consultant.