Redefining Instrument Identification

Sterile Processing Departments are high-intensity work environments, demanding technicians work quickly, but also be accurate to the tiniest detail. TrayPakk is a patent pending software system designed to support technicians in this environment.

TrayPakk’s cutting edge visual image recognition technique highlights the unique components of each instrument, not only guiding users to the correct instrument every time, but also helping them learn and improve. The software gathers data so that managers can work with their staff to successfully pass competencies, establish benchmarks, measure improvements and set goals. 

The TrayPakk system provides the tools for accurate and efficient instrument identification on a mobile tablet, substantially improving department productivity.

At Tray Pacer System Inc. we are dedicated to seamlessly integrating into any Sterile Processing Department’s process to give technicians the tools to excel in a challenging and demanding work environment. 

What's Next?

TrayPakk is constantly evolving, bringing valuable and cutting edge tools to make meaningful change in healthcare facilities. As it continues to break ground, TrayPakk will become a paperless pillar of productivity in SPDs around the world.

The future has more exciting advancements that aim to increase sterile processing's efficiency and viability. 

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